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About Shield Security


For 20 Years, Shield Security has been providing Edmonton specialized security and peace of mind for their homes and/or businesses.

We carry only the best alarm systems available and we are one of the very few alarm companies that utilize a Local Alarm Monitoring Station here in Edmonton.

We have thousands of alarm systems installed in the areas in and around Edmonton.  We have established a very strong relationship with many home builders, providing them dedicated and exceptional service that they depend and rely on.



We don’t simply try to sell you an Alarm System. We want to determine which alarm system is best for you suited for you and your needs.

Shield Security offers some fantastic equipment to enhance your system.

Some of the peripherals you can add to your alarm system include monitored smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, high and low temperature sensors and portable key fobs which allow you to arm and disarm your system remotely.

With today’s technology Shield also offers iPhone interaction with your Security System –

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