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Cameras & Tech Products

Adding cameras whether ANALOGUE or IP cameras, Shield Security can offer you a package THAT FITS your needs & budget

All systems are remote accessible with high-speed internet and an iPhone or Android app. Regardless of the size of your yard we can find a solution to fit your needs

Reduce your equipment loss, insurance costs, onsite expenses and improve production when Shield Security installs a speciality designed system to your outdoor yard protection, construction sites & roof tops.

We provide Onsite visual recording accessible anywhere giving you 24 access to view the development stage of your projects.

Our High-Reliability outdoor detector is especially suited for remote and local video monitoring applications. The detector provides three benefits for these applications:

Reduction of false alarms
Alarm source locate and control
Protection from vandalism
Event-driven video monitoring ALLOWS YOU TO: Verify the cause – Take the right action

What is the Difference between Analogue and IP camera systems?